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How Lessons Work

Fully-remote lessons are conducted through video conference platforms including Zoom and Skype. A setup through which the puzzle is clearly visible from the students’ point of view is required and strong internet connection is highly preferred.


30 minute lesson - 30$

60 minute lesson - 50$

Students recieve a 20% discount on all courses!


Zero experience to solved

  • Explains the hardware of the cube
  • Teaches basic notation in order to communicate instructions
  • Teaches in depth beginners method
  • Provides 5 agorithms that allow you to solve any scramble

Beginner to intermediate

  • Teaches advanced notation
  • Teaches intuitive F2L
  • Teaches one look OLL and PLL
  • Teaches hand positioning and fingertricking

Intermediate to advanced

  • Teaches advanced F2L
  • Teaches advanced fingertricking
  • Provides coaching on effective training practices
  • Explores different methods and their strengths
  • Teaches competition strategy and ettiquette

One handed

  • Teaches the mechanics of one handed solving
  • Teaches one handed algorithm optimization
  • Teaches one handed fingertricking


  • Explains the theory behind Old Pochman/ M2
  • Provides the methodology and important algorithms
  • Explains the idea of parity
  • Teaches memorization technique

Other puzzles include:

  1. 2x2x2
  2. 4x4x4
  3. 5x5x5
  4. 6x6x6
  5. 7x7x7
  6. Pyraminx
  7. Megaminx
  8. Skewb
  9. Mirror Blocks

Don’t have a Rubik’s Cube?

A word from the Cube Doctor -

Dear students,

If you don’t have a cube of your own, that’s nothing short of a small roadblock. I patronize and because they have the best in service and products.

As a beginning 3x3x3 student, a 4$ cube does the trick - QiYi Sail.

In fact, I used this cube at a competition called Cubing Knights 2016 in Orlando, FL and scored a new personal best 3x3 one handed time, so I can be certain that it works for all basic speedcubing needs.

If you are already a seasoned speedcuber, the Gan 356 X is a very fast and very sturdy cube.

This is a magnetic, fully customizable speed cube that is sure to conform to your unique style due to its variable strength magnets and springs.

No fancy setup is required in order to learn how to solve a Rubik's Cube. If you are unable to purchase a Rubik's Cube online there are always Rubik's Brand 3x3's and often other sizes including 2x2 and 4x4 at Walmart, CVS, Target, etc.

Whatever your level, there is a cube for you.

Happy solving, Cube Doctor